Offer valid until 11/30/2023!

We match the price to traditional blinds



We present you EnergyBlinds

Save up to 100€ per blind

Without cables or inverters or obstacles at your home

No need for authorisation or harm to your community

Contribute to a better future by reducing gas use

Connect and it works

Program and control thanks to home automation

Design, confort and saving all together with EnergyBlinds. From 300€

Safe money borderless with our projectable EnergyBlinds

Enjoy sunlight and your home while saving money in your energy bill

Earn money by incoporating EnergyBlinds into your refurbishment

vs other options*

EnergyBlinds plug in

EnergyBlinds projectable

Subsides management service

Request in your reservation

Current demand exceeds production capacity, delivery time based on reservation sequence.

Enerlind is part of an European Union program for companies that promote circularity and enhance sustainable solutions.

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