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History and Vision

Enerlind story

EnerEnerlind was born with the idea of trying to contribute a bit to a more sustainable world. The war encourages to promote an idea left in the drawer without being developed. The formation of the company was accelerated to be able to offer solutions to fossil fuels and give tools to everyone to fight for a better world from the economy.

Enerlind believes that if each citizen has the possibility to change their model independently and without ties (communities, installation permits…), we will achieve a faster transition since the solar solution is much cheaper. If this change is brought to the public, the possibilities are endless. Below we show you a simulation of a 20% implementation in Europe.

Our goal is to contribute to a better future by making it beneficial in the short term, and that is why we decided to rely on a European program for the development of sustainable solutions.

Enerlind Vision

Our vision is to offer disruptive products at a competitive price that help improve the energy efficiency of citizens.

We believe that there is always a better way of doing things and that we should never stop looking for it. The best form of contributing to safeguard the world is to make this profitable, not only in the long term but also in the short term, and this is possible.


Enerlind Mission

At Enerlind we want to be considered the best option, both by our clients and by our strategic allies, achieving it through innovative services and solutions, based on advanced technologies, service and the search for quality that exceeds all expectations.

Creativity is another of our basis, since it is an ally when it comes to developing our products. We try to make our added value unique.


Enerlind 5 Values


Design and innovation

Persevering search for continuous improvement and knowledge

A future where we all fit in respectfully

Wellness and personal development

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